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Marine Affairs Program

The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) offers a Bachelor of Arts in Marine Affairs degree with a major in Marine Affairs and a minor in Anthropology, Economics, Ecosystem Science and Policy, Geography, International Studies, Latin American Studies, Political Science or an approved field within the Schools of Business Administration or Communication. This program is designed for students who wish to prepare themselves for graduate studies and careers in marine policy, political ecology, marine resource economics, management of marine resources, environmental impact analysis, marine cultural resources, marine anthropology, ocean and coastal law and policy.

The required courses for the undergraduate major in Marine Affairs are:

  • Biology 150 (General Biology), 160 (Evolution & Biodiversity)
  • Chemistry 111, 112 (Principles of Chemistry I, II)
  • Economics 211 (Economic Principles: Microeconomics)
  • Geological Science 110 (Earth System) or 111 (Earth System History)
  • Marine Science 111 (Intro. Marine Science), 215 (Marine Chemistry), 230 (Marine Biology), 313 (Coastal Law) or 314 (Ocean Law), 310 (Living Resources of the Ocean) or 340 (Coastal Policy), 345 (Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment), 460 (Spatial Applications in Marine Science) plus 9 credits of approved electives
  • Mathematics: 3 credits above MTH 107
  • One approved course in computer programming or statistics (e.g. MSC204)
  • Six credits of 300+ level elective (some 200-level courses may be eligible if they require prerequisites).
  • English 105, 106 (Composition I, II)
  • Arts and Humanities cognate (9 credits)

In addition, the student must complete the course requirements for their minor. For descriptions of MSC courses, click here
RSMAS courses at the 500-level may be taken for undergraduate credit with junior standing and departmental consent.

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