Andrew C. Baker

Andrew C. Baker

Associate Professor, Department of Marine Biology and Ecology

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

EG 214

Tel: 305.421.4642

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I am a marine biologist interested in the biology, ecology and conservation of coral reefs, with a focus on the impacts of climate change on these ecosystems. Much of my research studies corals from the perspective of their algal symbionts (zooxanthellae in the genus Symbiodinium). Many corals have the ability to host different types of algal symbionts, and this flexibility helps them adapt to environmental variability. My lab has been assessing how important and widespread this ability is, and how it affects the response of corals (and the ecosystems they build) to climate change. Much of this work involves the study of molecular systematics and ecology (since these symbionts are most readily identified from their DNA), but this work also has a strong experimental focus in Miami, using corals growing in indoor and outdoor facilities, as well as fieldwork on coral reefs worldwide. Additional interests include population genetics and ecological physiology of coral reef organisms (including coral bleaching), marine conservation biology, and fostering better communication of science to public and policy audiences.
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