The 2015 U.S. Repeat Hydrography (ARC01) / U.S. GEOTRACES (GN01) Arctic Expedition

ARC01 / GN01 Cruise Photos

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Not all of the Repeat Hydrography samplers and helpers, but a good number of us. From back left to front right: Kyle Dilliplaine (UAF), Eugene Gorman (LDEO), Prof. Steve Brooks (UT), Fen Huang (RSMAS), Melissa Miller (Scripps), Laura Whitmore (USM), Joseph Gum (Scripps), Dr. Ryan Woosley (RSMAS), Ben Hickman (UH), Angelica Pasqualini (LDEO), Andrew Margolin (RSMAS) and Ted Cummiskey (Scripps) on the flight deck of the USCGC Healy. Photo taken on 11 October 2015, located at approximately 54°35'N, 166°11'W.

Please contact Andrew Margolin at if you would like to use any of the photos for educational purposes.