Cosplay Grrl

Cosplay Identity: Vinylgrrl
Age: 26
Addicted?: I need rehab
Shoujo or Mecha?: Both!
Instigator: My bad self and forums
You're Crafty!: E-Mail me!

In Progress

Utada Hikaru (Traveling): need wig, shoes, belt, hat pattern
YamaPi ("Let Me"): need vinyl, rhinestones, studs, sneakers
Tsunade (Naruto): need jacket pattern and fabric for shirt and jacket
AnimeIdol outfit: only if I get picked to perform at Metrocon!

On Hold

Anna Valerious: corset studding
Iron Chef French: pants/hat construction, jacket done
Padme Amidala brown sleeveless: fabric found, altering pattern

Upcoming Events

AnimeSuperCon (April 13-15)
Metrocon Prime (July 6-8)
Anime Festival Orlando (August)


My Costumes: a showcase
The Machine: 60's vintage
Event Reports: Gogai, Gogai!
Links: resources on the web
Cosplay Journal: over on JournalFen

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February 23 Update:
Finally coded the master costumes, links, and event reports pages! Please check them out! I guess my current layout theme is J-Pop PVs...they're so bizarre!

October 5 Update:
Attended the Serenity opening night in SB! I wore my hastily assembled (but awesome) Kaylee costume: a brocade jacket I put together in 2 days, paper parasol, brown capris, and a maroon v-neck shirt. The movie was GREAT (go see it!) and I had fun saying things like "shiny" and "yes sir, Captain Tightpants." I did control my geekery however....I did NOT sing The Ballad of Jayne in the theater before the movie started. Photos and a construction page are forthcoming.

July 19 Update:
Hogwart's robes construction page is up! Go here!!

July 18 Update:
I finished my Hogwart's robes for the HBP midnight book release!! Construction page for those coming very soon! Also, I uploaded my construction page for Anna Valerious.

May 22 Update:
New layout!! This is based off the futuristic/abstract architecture in Utada Hikaru's video for 'Traveling.' Enjoy!

December 4 Update:
I have finally gotten back to this site after many months of neglect. I've changed my JournalFen into my costume journal, so look for any new costume thoughts there. Expect updates of recent costumes including Anna Valerious, a naughty Gryffindor student, and my impending plans for a Star Wars Episode III costume for the film's opening in May.

Last updated March 21, 2007.